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All Region IV meetings at state will be held in Westchase 3 and 4.



Region IV Candidates for State

Rebecca Arber

Rebecca Arber of Austin Community College will be running for Vice President of TJCSGA 2017-2018

david marsh

David Marsh of Hill College – Johnson County Campus will be running for Parliamentarian of TJCSGA 2017 – 2018

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor of Blinn College – Schulenberg will be running for Secretary of TJCGSA 2017 – 2018

Tees for Tikes

Foster children, often, are in horrible situations that threaten their development and give them a greater disposition to a more difficult adult life. Children value small trinkets, even more so than adults, and a small gift would be able to make a great impact on their lives in retrospect to their situation. This is the spark of our “T’s for Tikes” idea. We will collect T-shirts and toiletries and turn the t-shirts into bags which we will then fill with toiletries and then give to predetermined foster homes. We would greatly appreciate it if you would join us in this effort to impact the impoverished children of our state. The projected collection dates will be April 3, 2017 – April 14, 2017.

Steps for Success

A common problem with community service is that it is difficult to find opportunities that align with everyone’s time schedules. Charity miles helps absolve the problem. With the steps, you take every day you can donate to multiple organizations. This app allows for group coordination and we, as a region, could tackle this and make a lasting impact. The concept of this idea is to register as many people as possible and have a regional schedule with which we would choose a foundation every month and everyone would walk for that foundation. This would lead to a fountain instead of just a trickle of donations and would make a greater impact. Remember this is a simple easy task, so we invite everyone to get on board. The process is simple, all you have to do is download the Charity Miles app by clicking the following link. Join the group “TJCSGA Region IV”so that your progress can go towards the regions goals. At this point in time everyone can choose whichever charity they would like to walk for. The schedule will be put up one week after the TJCSGA 2017 state convention.Click here to join now !!!!

Welcome to TJCSGA Region IV

TJCSGA Region IV is currently preparing for the 2017 State convention held in Houston, Texas. The theme this year is leader’s assemble for more information please visit
For more information about the region, click on the Officers and Advisors link for contact information.


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